Values Based Leadership
Common Good Works draws on a solid theoretical and experiental foundation to assist all types of leaders to ground their practice in clear understanding of their personal values, guided by a vision for the greater good and embodied in virtuous action.

What is it?

Values Based Leaders are guided by a sense of vocation to advance the Common Good, the state of existence where resources are stewarded justly to ensure the well-being of all.  By creating a collaborative climate where often overlooked perspectives are included, they generate a sense of hope and possibility, grounded in a realistic appraisal of current reality.

They are conscious of their most deeply held values and intentionally integrate them into their lives.  Inspired by a vision of how these values might be more fully manifest in their individual, organizational, and communal existence, they give voice to their aspirations, inviting others to join them in pursuit of the greater good, sustained by the virtue of courage.

Why is it important?

When offered a chance to reflect on what matters most to them, people from all walks of life--students, CEO's, educators, healthcare workers, public servants--all demonstrate an amazing convergence on a few basic, positive human values.  Given this near universal commitment to values that nurture and sustain persons and society, it is striking to note the dissonance between these core values and the actual behaviors exhibited by institutions and society.   
If individuals clarify their deepest values and apply those values to personal, business and social life, justice and equity will be furthered in personal, business and social relationships.

  • In situations where expediency and short-term outcomes often take precedence, leaders need a reliable inner compass that assures a dependable consistency in the midst of shifting circumstances.

  • Where pressures to perform or outpace the competition may prompt people to cut corners or turn a blind eye toward questionable practices, leaders need a personal moral framework to guide them to reliably ethical decisions and actions.

What do Values Based Leaders do?

Values Based Leaders......

  • Remain grounded in a sense of self-understanding that lends stability to their purpose and keeps them pursuing their vision over the "long haul."

  • Actively notice where their practice is not in alignment with their primary values and continually make adjustments to increase conformity to their ideals.

  • Know when they face moral choices and exercise courage to wrestle with competing values, make the choice, and defend their decisions.

  • Earn the respect of their peers because they are reliable, trustworthy and consistent.

Are you called to Values Based Leadership?

If you….

  • yearn for an undivided life where there is no need to compartmentalize the different roles you play,

  • intend to exert a positive influence in all of your life contexts,

  • want to earn the respect of those whom you lead and serve,

then you may be called on the journey toward Values Based Leadership

How We Help Develop Values Based Leaders

Key Note Addresses

Common Good Works can provide Keynote Speeches or Lectures that touch listeners' hearts, capture their imaginations and inspire them to commit to expressing their deepest values at home, work and community. 

Values Based Leadership--One or Two Day Intensive Seminars

Common Good Works offers a 1 or 2-day intensive workshop that introduce this approach to personal, institutional and societal transformation.  Participants are awakened to the potential fulfillment that awaits them as they live in harmony with their deepest values.

In these workshops, participants build a learning community with others where they discover the heart and soul of leadership, the practice of integrity for the sake of advancing the common good. They learn a practical model for integrating values into everyday life.  Utilizing this model, they can become more effective individuals, employees, and citizens.  

Common Good Works works with clients to customize the seminar content so that it is relevant and practical for the particular setting in which it is delivered.

Communities of Reflective Practice
  Common Good Works offers two types of facilitated learning communities.  Leaders support one another in developing awareness of how they are being called to exercise positive influence in their unique settings.  

In a year-long series of monthly gatherings, participants deepen their understanding of key leadership principles and engage in reflective practice with others in order to ground this knowledge in real-life experience.  Learn More.

In regularly scheduled small group phone conversations, participants share current leadership experiences in a safe, confidential setting, in order to gain greater self-awareness and increased competence.  Create your own group with 3-4 colleagues or email to be placed on the list for the next group that forms.  Participants commit to 6 sessions over a 3-month period, with the option to renew that commitment.

One-on-One Coaching for Values-Based Leaders

Coaching for Values Based Leaders helps individuals call upon their own depth of being in order to exercise positive influence in the organizations of which they are part.  Applying this reflective practice to the interplay of personal and organizational life helps them take action consistent with  deeply held values, call and purpose.   Individual coaching appointments may be held by phone or in person (in the Seattle area).  Email to request a complimentary introductory session.

Consulting for Values Based Institutions

Values Based Leaders who seek personal integrity also yearn to see a greater sense of integrity demonstrated by their institutions and communities.  While they affirm their organizations' noble purpose, they are also aware that the pressures of everyday business can cause them to lose touch with what is most important.  Common Good Works develops an ongoing relationship with organizations committed to serving their noblest purpose.  We work with you to understand your needs, then walk with you on the path of discerning your highest purpose and developing freedom to achieve that purpose.  Email to request a complimentary phone consultation to explore the possibilities for your organization.
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