Common Good Works
Inspiring Courage, Hope and Action for Just Communities
One of the most powerful things we can do to change the world is change our minds about the world, regarding it as a safe place for a child to be born, for the environment, communities, and businesses to flourish side by side, and for strangers to be greeted as friends. Leadership is the key to achieving this future. However, first leadership itself must be transformed.

Sharing the Rock recasts leadership to meet this task by introducing seven practices focused on advancing the common good through business, politics, government, education, health care, and community service organizations. Always the goal is to create a just global society in which all voices are heard and all life prospers.

Whether you are engaged in leadership education or are simply an aspiring leaders of all ages, will learn, hands-on, how to:
•  Choose your personal values 
•  Embrace the wisdom of the margins   
•  Craft a vision
•  Create gracious space
•  Claim your voice
•  Receive hope  
•  Act with courage

sharing the rock 

Shaping our Future 
through Leadership for 
the Common Good

Bill Grace
6” x 9” quality paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9845786-0-3
224 pages, illustrations
"A book that could make a difference."
--Parker J. Palmer
Author of A Hidden Wholeness

"Timely, profound, inspirational, and hard to put down."
--Rick Steves
Host, writer and producer of
PBS and NPR travel shows

"Grace aims not only to persuade a few readers but to initiate a movement.  Should he succeed, this will prove to be the most important book thus far in this century."
--John B. Cobb Jr.
Professor Emeritus
Claremont School of Theology

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