Who We Are

We dream of a world where resources are stewarded justly and sustainably to ensure the well-being of all.  This vision fuels our commitment to supporting personal and collective transformation in a variety of settings, including corporate, public, healthcare, education and non-profit.

Individuals, organizations and society flourish when we are connected to our deepest values and intentionally express those values in family, work and society, with a view toward creating a world that works for all.

We believe that transformation happens as individuals and organizations renew commitment to their deepest values, look honestly at the gaps between their truest desires and what currently exists, and take courageous action, in community with others, to manifest the future that they envision.

Common Good Works builds communities and institutions of integrity by forming individuals of integrity who have the capacity and commitment to act for the good of the whole. We provide inspiring training, education and key note addresses.  We offer organizational development consulting, coaching and communities of practice for individuals, institutions and communities developing personal and organizational integrity and seeking to advance the common good.

Common Good Works
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